Creativity, Change and Why You Should Never Quit Before You Know What It Is You’re Quitting

I’ve read recently Maria Popova’s blog Brainpickings (which is an absolute must – at least once a week !!)  and I stumbled on the article on songwriters and their inspiration, their sources, their struggeling, their sufferings and their cheers.

I’ll only quote one excerpt of Maria’s article, you can finish it by yourself

There are always meaningful songs for somebody. People are doing their courting, people are finding their wives, people are making babies, people are washing their dishes, people are getting through the day, with songs that we may find insignificant. But their significance is affirmed by others. There’s always someone affirming the significance of a song by taking a woman into his arms or by getting through the night. That’s what dignifies the song. Songs don’t dignify human activity. Human activity dignifies the song.

A poem by Leonard Cohen that clearly illustrates the above statement !!

I would like to add Cohen’s consideration for the art of self-renewal, where he is more interested in the process itself rather than the outcome by exploring the deeper rewards and gratifications that have kept him going for half a century.

The self-renewing man … looks forward to an endless and unpredictable dialogue between his potentialities and the claims of life — not only the claims he encounters but the claims he invents.

Read the full article here

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