First of all, here's the formula of happiness ¬†ūüėČ for more details have a look at this article¬† A¬†mathematical equation to predict how self-reported happiness depends on past events. Happiness depends not on how well things are going, but whether things are going better or worse than expected. Happiness depends on safe choices (certain rewards,... Continue Reading →

Boogie Woogie at it’s best !! Les Freres – Boogie Back To Yokosuka

Boogie Woogie at it's best !!   and here's another one ! On y va !! some information about the artist from their website ; A piano duo formed by integrating the two different playing styles of the two brothers, Moriya and Keito Saito. The two brothers both studied at Conservatoire de Musique... Continue Reading →

Black is black – or ain’t it so ?

The Los Bravos hit from 1966 certainly claimed that Black is Black, but this isn't true anymore. The¬†society Surrey NanoSystems developped a new substance called ¬†Vantablack¬ģ which is a is a super-black coating that holds the world record as the darkest man-made substance. Vantablack absorbs¬†virtually all incident light, making it ideally suited to addressing a... Continue Reading →

The good life : what is it about ?

What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? If you think it‚Äôs fame and money, you‚Äôre not alone ‚Äď but, according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, you‚Äôre mistaken. As the director of 75-year-old study on adult development, Waldinger has unprecedented access to data on true happiness and satisfaction. In this talk, he shares... Continue Reading →

Pourquoi les gens qui s'aiment Sont-ils toujours un peu les m√™mes Ils ont quand ils s'en viennent Le m√™me regard d'un seul d√©sir pour deux Ce sont des gens heureux Pourquoi les gens qui s'aiment Sont-ils toujours un peu les m√™mes Quand ils ont leurs probl√®mes Ben y a rien √† dire, y a rien... Continue Reading →

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