Boogie Woogie at it’s best !! Les Freres – Boogie Back To Yokosuka

Boogie Woogie at it’s best !!


and here’s another one !

On y va !!

some information about the artist from their website ;

A piano duo formed by integrating the two different playing styles of the two brothers, Moriya and Keito Saito.
The two brothers both studied at Conservatoire de Musique de la Ville de Luxembourg at 15, and studied classical piano under Mr. Gary Müller. Their activities range from writing original music as a composer and a pianist and doing live shows. The late Toyo Nakamura (music critic) has commented once that “The music of Moriya and Keito Saito is nothing like any music in our society. (Geijyutu Shintyou 2008 Nov issue)” pointing at the brothers’original music and “Quatre-Mains” piano play style that they had invented.

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