First use of the #3Dprinter FORM2

Recently I bought myself the latest model of 3D-printers from Formlabs, the Form2.

The Form 2 delivers high-resolution prints in  Industrial 3D printing quality and it is very, very expensive. (I had been waiting (and saving money) for 3 years until I made the financial plunge to get such a machine)

But it has the huge advantage that dosen’t require a lot of tweaking and experimenting to run, you just take it out of the box, you install it and it runs !! It comes with the right software, the materials you need to use are in sich a packaging (1 Liter resin cartridges !) that you can concentrate on the objet you’re printing and not on the maintenance of the machine. The system recognises the resin type, configures settings, and allows you to keep track of resin supplies.

Scopigno R., Cignoni P., Pietroni N., Callieri M., Dellepiane M. (2017). “Digital Fabrication Techniques for Cultural Heritage: A Survey“. Computer Graphics Forum 36 (1): 6–21. DOI:10.1111/cgf.12781.

The Form 2 is a SLA printer where SLA stand for Stereolithography. SLA is an additive manufacturing – commonly referred to as 3D printing – technology that converts liquid materials into solid parts, layer by layer, by selectively curing them using a light source in a process called photopolymerization. SLA is widely used to create models, prototypes, patterns, and production parts for a range of industries from engineering and product design to manufacturing, dentistry, jewelry, model making, and education.

Schematic representation of Stereolithography: a light-emitting device a) (a laser or DLP) selectively illuminates the transparent bottom c) of a tank b) filled with a liquid photo-polymerizing resin. The solidified resin d) is progressively dragged up by a lifting platform e)

You need to develop the real-world model in a 3D drawing program like Tinkercad, Vectary or Fusion 360, export it into the proprietary prepration programm fom Formlabs and send it to the printer.

And here are some of the result from my first two weeks of working with the Form 2

P5XNYS54Kj IMG_4620

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